Why you should consider donating your body to medical science?

Your body is your property. At least that’s what a lot of individuals think. However, once somebody is deceased, the body isn’t what it was. That is – if the mind is no longer functioning, then you can hardly call it a proper body anymore. Though in all fairness, there are a lot of different points of view regarding this problem. But let’s leave that to philosophers. Our goal here is to make an argument for another case –donating your body to medical science. If you are interested to be part of the future world, then here are some of the things to know if you are willing to make this sacrifice.

Should you donate everything, or separate organs? There is no right answer to this question. It’s entirely up to a person who is donating. When it comes to just certain organs, like kidneys, hearts, livers, etc., it’s easier for the people in the waiting list to get them faster. Meanwhile, the whole body donations are mostly used for scientific experiments, where one tries to find new ways to treat diseases, and make new discoveries.

Is it possible to do both? It certainly is. Though most people are donating either the whole body or a certain part of it. You should ask the institution that accepts these donations for all the details, as everything is different in one area or another.

What is the process of taking care of things? Well, ideally, you should do everything before you end up dead. You can register as a donor in all sorts of ways. Starting with an indication on your driver’s license that you are a donor, or making a quick agreement with a local university’s medical department.

Can anyone do it? As a rule of thumb, yes. Pretty much any individual, young or old, can donate his or her organs. Exceptions being certain diseases, such as advanced cancer or HIV.

What happens afterwards? Once they remove the needed stuff, your body will be returned to your family. It should not take more than a couple of weeks. Or if you donate the whole body, it will also be returned. Also, it is worth pointing out that in both cases there won’t be any costs for shipment or anything similar.

Alternatives? Certainly. Safety testing also requires bodies. Skeletons are another part of your anatomy that is really needed.

When it comes to donating your body to medical science or any other type of research, it’s usually your own choice. However, I would still recommend talking things through with your family. They do care about you a lot, and ignoring their opinion is not something that you should consider.

How to Dress Your Kids for a Funeral on the Cheap

Call me frugal, but I think it's a waste of money to buy fancy funeral clothes for our kids to wear for someone's funeral. Kid sized black suits, formal black dresses, and black dress shoes are all expensive items that kids will quickly outgrow and most likely will never wear again.

Having gone through more funerals then I care to in my life, I've learned a few things about dressing my kids appropriately for a funeral without spending lots of money. For families who are thrifty or having to watch their budget, these tips will help:

Hit the consignment stores: Consignment stores are shops that resell gently used clothing at ridiculously low prices. One of the advantages of searching for clothes at a consignment store is that you can usually call ahead to see if they have something in stock that may work, which saves tons of driving time. For boys, a suit or black pants with a black vest or jacket will work. Girls can get away with a black dress, black skirt, or black dress pants paired with a modestly cut blouse.

Check the thrifts: When my kids needed a suit for a school performances, the thrifts were always one of the first places I looked. Thrift stores sell an incredible amount of used kids clothes at bargain basement prices. While a complete suit in your childrens size may be difficult to find, you will be able to find pair of black dress pants, black pants, ties, shoes and a white dress shirt for the guys, and black dresses and black cardigans for the girls. Psst... if the thought of used clothes embarrasses you, remember that people attending the funeral will not be looking at your kids clothes, but more likely will be checking out who showed up.

Check with friends: Some of my friends are a bit more traditional when it comes to church clothes for their kids, and are always happy to loan an outfit for a special occasion such as a funeral. If you have friends with kids the same age as yours, chances are they may have something that will work for a funeral.

Buy separates: If you have to buy clothes, one option is to buy clothes that can be worn as separately after the funeral is over. This is easy to do for girls, but may require a little more finesse for boys who tend to dress more casually. For them, black jeans or cargo pants with a muted shirt with work. Low cost separates can be found at outlet stores or places such as Ross or Burlington.

Work with what you already have: Of course, the cheapest option is to work with what you already have. Dark pants, dark skirts, dark shoes and understated blouses and dress shirts are all suitable clothes for a child to wear to a funeral.